Bags packed. “So long, Munich” for another MCMP fellow: Tomorrow Sabine will be joined by Roland for last-minute preparations on the ground. One week to go! If you have any questions on our workshop or on the evening lecture don’t … Continue reading

Enter Philosophy.

Usually, what’s discussed in the conference rooms of the German House is about economy, politics, science. We’ll be opening the doors to philosophy next week! Alright, philosophy done with mathematical attitude and scientific methods, even applied to physical theories. Still, … Continue reading

Sunday Sidetrack.

While packing our bags should have priority, what better sidetrack could there be on Sundays than Stegmüller on the reduction of theories, one of the central topics of our Bridges workshop? The MCMP honored Stegmüller’s life and work on occasion … Continue reading

Final Touches.

While Sabine is getting everything ready in New York, we are putting the finishing touches on our slides in Munich. Thomas, for example, will be meeting David Chalmers in a session on structural realism. The David Chalmers. Find the exciting … Continue reading

Welcome to our Travel Diary!

Bridges 2014 will take place in the German House, New York City, on 2 and 3 September, 2014. The 2-day trans-continental meeting in mathematical philosophy will focus on inter-theoretical relations thereby connecting form and content of this philosophical exchange. It is … Continue reading