Welcome to our Travel Diary!

Bridges 2014 will take place in the German House, New York City, on 2 and 3 September, 2014. The 2-day trans-continental meeting in mathematical philosophy will focus on inter-theoretical relations thereby connecting form and content of this philosophical exchange. It is organized by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich.

Our travel diary will keep you posted on everything behind the scenes and along the trip. You’ll find all the details on program, venue, and participation including our motivational video trailer at www.lmu.de/bridges2014!

Servus from Munich!

Back home, recapping great moments … Thanks so much to all participants for two intense workshop days and such lively discussions! Creating Bridges really was a joint effort by many. And we thank our speakers for all the contributions! Thanks to our sponsors and partners for making the project possible!

And of course: We’ll keep updating the Bridges website with more info on the recordings, pictures and more. Servus from the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy!


Welcome to Germany! Check-in for Bridges 2014.


Intense workshop days.


Getting ready for the GCRI evening event: Sabine, Branden, Stephan, Roland, Andrea. Photo: Nathalie Schueller/GCRI.


Dinner, well-(de)served 🙂


Simply put: What a great time!


New York Times.

Sabine. Roland. Critical Thinking.


Meier. Chalmers.


Goldman. Hartmann. No break.


Fitelson. Leitgeb. Discussions with a view.

Andrea Adam-Moore. Stephan Hartmann. NYC Project Ambassador Branden Fitelson. Good Evening.

Andrea Adam-Moore. Stephan Hartmann. NYC Project Ambassador Branden Fitelson. Good Evening.


team_meetingThe MCMP Bridges team is complete! We’ll try to squeeze as much sleep as possible in a short night. And we are very much looking forward to welcoming a whole lot more participants than we could ever have expected, twelve short hours from now … Goodnight from the city that never sleeps!

Hot Week Ahead.

hot_week_ahead‘nough said. Temperatures are rising, as is our excitement! Two days from now we’ll open the doors to Bridges after more than a year of preparations. Ice cream will help with the temperatures – and the nerves.

Laborious Days.

manhattan_nightsLabor day weekend is here, and we are using the last days (nights) before Bridges to seek a bit of a distance from our Manhattan office. Our heads are buzzing with public relations, international relations, intertheoretic relations. Last-minute registrations keep us busy, too … (thanks so much for that!!!)

Sebastian and Stephan have arrived, and we can’t wait for the other half of the MCMP group to arrive on Monday!

Tech? Check!

techcheckWe will sleep well tonight: Our first, only, and final tech check went well! 22nd floor is all set.* The entire house knows us by now, we feel warmly supported and very much welcome – have a great start to the labor day weekend, everybody!

*We’ll let you know about all recordings on our workshop’s media page here, of course. Our evening lecture will be co-hosted by the German Center for Research and Innovation. If you are curious what other events have taken place in the GCRI panel series, have a look at their media page here.



Sabine and Roland with the logo of the German House Restaurant.

High priority things cannot not be taken care of personally. Catering in the German House: more than approved! Important to us because Bridges will be all about personal exchange, and that’s one reason we made sure to put enough breaks in our schedule. Of course, you’ll find all breaks (and everything between) on our website, voilà!

Manhattan Distance*


North-east corner of United Nations Plaza with the German House.

Our trans-continental meeting next week will take place right in the heart of Manhattan. It’s approaching fast, and we are overwhelmed by the warm welcome NYC is already greeting us with! We have a few seats left for our workshop and for the evening event – if you are thinking about joining us, find more about security at the venue and how to register on our website here.

*The title of today’s post also refers to the terminus technicus “Manhattan Distance”, an example of a mathematical concept (in this case, a distance measure), that is also used for philosophical arguments, e.g., when measuring how far two different sets of beliefs deviate. The name is alluding to Manhattan’s block geometry 😉